Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a novel concept whereby the people move from one place of the world to another place for medical treatment.  There are various factors governing the selection of the place for treatment. 


Cost consideration:


For example Surgery, Organ Transplant and other Medical Treatments in India cost only 20% of the normal cost in USA.  Even Insurance cover in many cases is not sufficient to undergo treatments in US or Europe.  The patients are suffering or endlessly postponing the treatment, simply because they are unable to meet the medical expenses involved.  When the treatment becomes affordable by going to such places, the suffering is mainly due to ignorance.


Hospitals & Facilities:


Cost alone can not be the deciding factor.  Low cost medical treatment is fine.  But, the availability of the experienced and the reputed medical consultants,  good hospitals and medical facilities are very important.  India has very good hospitals, medical consultants and facilities.  The quality of the service is at par with US and Europe.  As far as the experience is concerned we should remember that India is blessed with human population that is very huge.  Naturally, the Doctors are handling numerous cases and well experienced in their fields.  There are so many world famous surgeons and medical consultants  in India.  The pharmaceutical industry in the country is very well developed and exporting medicines to US, Europe and the rest of the world.


Other Factors:


         1.   India, with so many regional languages, states and religions is united by English. 

   2.   There are excellent hotels at international standards throughout the country.

         3.   There are very good tourist spots scattered throughout the country ideal for 



Co-ordinating Agencies:


There are professional Agencies such as Mediclub India (The author is the promotor of Mediclub India) that take care of the arrangements necessary for treatment in India.  A visit to their web site or will give the readers complete details.


S. Pottanna